About Knee Tights September 26 2013

Have you ever had a moment when you thought, why don’t they have a product like this?
Well, I had that moment in the Nordstrom shoe dept. one day while buying some really
fantastic boots for my 2-year-old little girl. Now being one of those people that always
said, “I will never spend that much money on my child’s wardrobe,” I have to admit I
have become a victim of the unbelievable fashion and style now available to the tiniest of
future runway models.

With that, two real moms filled a void in the children’s market for quality hosiery and
stylish socks to wear with boots or really cute dress shoes. I am talking anything of style.
You see, the sock industry has barely evolved since our great-grandmothers’ generation
as far as fashionable socks are concerned. You have the old-fashioned ankle sock with
that ridiculous ribbon around the fold over (not wearable with boots or anything with
style) OR you can buy character socks, which are thick cotton with famous cartoon
characters all over it, or random neon colors that you could certainly not wear with that
great designer skirt or frilly pretty dress she just looks adorable in, as you strut into that
special event or dinner party. And to top it off, the thickness makes the sock fold and
impossible to zip those fashionista boots, or fit smoothly in those designer leather shoes.
So if you just spent a ton of money on some “really rockin” patent leather maryjanes, or
really trendy casual shoes that you just want to show-off with some short-shorts, you are
out of luck with your choices for fashionable, wearable socks that complement your style.
So what’s a mom to do? Unfortunately we fall victim to the full tights, with their binding
uncomfortable waist, sagging crouch, and too-warm climate that causes havoc if there’s
any kind of unexpected accident.

Ok, relax…kneetights are here! With the finest micro-fiber in the fashion industries best
colors, we have found the solution to “just settling” on what’s available for children’s
socks. With our designer label, you will know you have found the brand with the latest in
fashion as kneetights fills a void in the market no one else has created. Why shouldn’t
young girls have the same options available to them as women, and the convenience of
having the perfect sock for today’s high-fashion children market? I mean, doesn’t your
kid’s style say a lot about you?
The latest on the market… unique in design… and the shoe fits!